Fee and Payments                                                                                                                                                    
 B Tech Programmes :
 B Tech Programmes  First Semester(Aug - Dec 2009)  3rd, 5th & 7th Semester
 Tution Fee  Rs.17500.00  Rs.10000.00
 Development Charges  Rs.3000.00  Rs.3000.00
 Hostel Fee  Rs.750.00  Rs.750.00
 Security (Refundable)  Rs.3000.00(at the time of admission)  ----------
 Other Charges  Rs.3000.00  Rs.3000.00
 Cost of track suit  Rs.500.00  ----------
 Total  Rs.27750.00  Rs.16750.00
 M Sc, M Tech and Ph D Programmes :
 At the Time of Admission
 Particulars  M Sc  M Tech (Full time)/
 M Tech(By Research)
 M Tech Part time  Ph D
 Admission Fee  Rs.500.00  Rs.500.00  Rs.500.00  Rs.500.00
 Development Fee  Rs.2000.00  Rs.2000.00  Rs.2000.00  Rs.2000.00
 Total  Rs.2500.00  Rs.2500.00  Rs.2500.00  Rs.2500.00
 Caution Money (At the Time of Admission)
 Institute Caution Money  Rs.1000.00  Rs.1000.00  Rs.1000.00  Rs.1000.00
 Library Caution Money  Rs.1000.00  Rs.1000.00  Rs.1000.00  Rs.1000.00
 Total  Rs.2000.00  Rs.2000.00  Rs.2000.00  Rs.2000.00
 Tution Fee and Other Charges
 Tution Fee  Rs.5000.00  Rs.8000.00  Rs.8000.00  Rs.10000.00
 Examination Fee  Rs.500.00  Rs.500.00  Rs.500.00  Rs.500.00
 Students Benevolent
 Fund (Students Aid Fund)
 Rs.100.00  Rs.100.00  Rs.100.00  Rs.100.00
 Sports and Club Fee  Rs.200.00  Rs.200.00  ----------  Rs.200.00
 Internet Charges  Rs.500.00  Rs.500.00  Rs.500.00  Rs.500.00
 Library Fee  Rs.200.00  Rs.200.00  Rs.200.00  Rs.200.00
 Track Suit  Rs.500.00  Rs.500.00  -------  -------
 Total  Rs.7000.00  Rs.10000.00  Rs.9300.00  Rs.11500.00
 Note :
1. Besides above a Sum of Rs. 5000/- is to deposited as mess advance adjusable against actual mess bill.
2. For internal candidates, Rs.100/- will be charged as token fee. Besides admission fee of Rs.500/- an examination fee of Rs.500/- will     also be charged.
3. In case the student leaves the institute after taking the admission, only security i.e., Rs 3000/- is refundable. No other part of the fee and other charges are refundable.

Note: Besides above the student will have to get themselves enrolled in compulsory Mediclaim policy on contributory basis.

Mode of Payment

All institute dues are to be paid by bank draft, in favour of Director, Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar. The mess dues are to be paid in cash on monthly basis.

Expulsion/Withdrawal from the Institute

If a student is continuously absent from the Institute for more than 4 weeks without information to the Dean Academic Programmes, his/her name will be removed from the Institute rolls. Such absence during the first year will render B Tech student ineligible for readmission. The student wishing to leave the institute on his/her own should submit an application duly countersigned by his/her father/mother/guardian. He/She shall also obtain "No Dues Certificate" from the Department, the Library, the Chief Warden/Warden, the Accounts Section and the specified Center/Section etc.
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