Corrigendum-II e-Tender Notice – NITJ/PUR/CC/e-Tender No. 44/2019 for providing of Internet Lease Line along with PRI Line of the Institute – Clarification regarding submission of Financial Bid

As per earlier Corrigendum regarding revision of some technical specifications/ requirements, it was mentioned that the rate should be quoted separately for ILL and PRI Line. The bidder must provide the breakup of rent / usages of PRI Line. All service provider should quote for both ILL and PRI Line

As per the existing provisions of the CPP portal, the BOQ format of the financial bid can not be modified at this stage. Hence, bidders are requested to quote their combined rates for both PRI/ILL lines in BOQ format at CPP Portal and also submit their rates/Plan of PRI Line only separately in physical form/ hard copy in a sealed envelope on or before 30.09.2019 upto 03:00 PM in the Purchase Section of the Institute. However, the last date for submission of e-bids on CPP Portal will remain same i.e till 24.09.2019 upto 3:00 PM as notified through previous corrigendum.

The other terms & conditions of the tender shall remain same.