Team Sparkx

Team SPARKX of NIT Jalandhar includes students from department of, Instrumentation and control, Industrial and Production and Mechanical engineering. The team was formed in early 2018, with a vision of fabricating an electric go-kart, which would be the very first of its kind in the Institute.

The team recently participated in the “National E-Kart Racing Championship”. The segment of championship is focussed on green tech, an important and exciting step taken to protect the dexterity of mother – nature. It is a place where automotive enthusiasts from all over the country sweat it out with their amazing designs.


  • Weight:-156 KG
  • Wheelbase: 1.09m
  • Track Width:-1.01m
  • Turning Radius:-1.6m
  • Maximum Torque:-62.4N-m
  • Top Speed:-45kmph
  • Battery Capacity:-65Ah


  • 1.5 KW BLDC motor
  • 4x12V batteries
  • 4 bar steering linkage
  • Dual rear disk brakes
  • Differential mechanism


Faculty Mentor

Dr. Saurabh Kango                                            Dr. Rajan Kumar
(Assistant Professor)                                          (Assistant Professor)
Dept. Of Mechanical Eng                                    Dept. Of Mechanical Eng
NIT Jalandhar                                                     NIT Jalandhar

Department Division

  • CAD Designing
  • Steering Department
  • Suspension Department
  • Brake Department
  • Simulation Department
  • Electrical Department
  • Transmission Department
  • Marketing and Managing Department