Towards a better World

Education has become the primary necessity to make lifestyle better. Hence by contributing towards education, you are creating a healthy environment; not just for one kid but for the entire world, through him.

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Thousands of poor children are not able to get education. Have you ever thought of the reason? It is the Lack Of Money. So, let's come together to remove this black spot of illiteracy and help them paint their beautiful dreams.

“It's not how much we give but rather how much love we put into giving.”
“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down & lifting people up.”
“Giving is not just about make a donation, it is about making a difference.”

Why should we Donate to PRAYAAS ?

Since 2008, PRAYAAS has been striving hard to bring a change in the lives of the underprivileged kids by giving them the gift of Education. Presently, around 230 kids are being regularly taught.
PRAYAAS believes on the motto- “An hour a day keeps illiteracy away.”
Hence, each volunteer of PRAYAAS, devotes time- each evening; dedicatedly at the THREE CENTRES of PRAYAAS. Many kids, who were unaware of the meaning of Education and hence lingered here and there, have been admitted to schools. There is a requirement of basic amenities like chalks, notebooks, pencils, pen, etc. on a daily basis in PRAYAAS. Hence, we shall urge you to Donate to PRAYAAS and help us in this noble cause.
We shall be more than happy if you could devote your precious time & help us in teaching them.